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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Battle Master maneuvers are the best?

All Battle Master maneuvers are at least situationally good. However, maneuvers that combine damage with the potential to protect an ally, disable an opponent, or use your reaction/bonus action to make an attack – like Bait and Switch, Goading Attack, Menacing Attack, Quick Toss, and Riposte – are all worth consideration.

What are the maneuvers in the protector?

Maneuvers: Disarming Attack, Precision Attack, Tactical Assessment, Trip Attack Sometimes the best thing you can do is keep your allies alive long enough for them to take your enemy down. The Protector is all about keeping your friends alive and your enemies’ attention focused where you want it: on you.

How many maneuvers are there in 5e?

Finally this creator has made maneuvers part of the armoury of every class in 5th edition, with 95 to choose from, of different power tiers (ie. you can access better maneuvers as you level up). I think that’s a pretty cool idea, for those that want to introduce more versatile combat play into their game.

How many attacks can a fighter apply a maneuver to?

The PHB states that you can use only one maneuver per attack, not Attack action. Therefore, a fighter with three attacks each round could apply a maneuver to each attack for an extra 3d8 damage across the whole round, on top of the maneuvers’ different effects.

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