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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the 2021 Manual of motorcycle sport?

Motorcycling Australia is pleased to release the online version of the 2021 Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MoMS). The MoMS is available electronically via the MA website HERE so you can download, save and print for future reference.

Is there a Schedule D for motorsport in Australia?

2021 MOTORSPORT AUSTRALIA MANUAL TECHNICAL APPENDIX Schedule D –Apparel Schedule D Last updated: 01/01/2021 1 of 8 ©Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Ltd trading as Motorsport Australia. All use subject to Conditions of Use at 1. APPLICATION

What are the GCRs and the Manual of motorcycle sport?

The GCRs contain the rules and guidelines for participating in and conducting Motorcycle Sport, and are designed to ensure fair and safe competition for all involved. The Manual of Motorcycle Sport is an annual publication which contains both the GCRs as well as other relevant information on motorcycle sport.

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