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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the trenches in World War 1?

Trenches were built during World War I to protect stalemated troops on both sides from artillery and rifle fire. Although the war began with rapid movement of the German army, when the Allied forces stopped the Germans, both sides dug trenches to help avoid losing territory they had gained.

How were the trenches dug in WW1?

The trenches were dug by soldiers. Sometimes the soldiers just dug the trenches straight into the ground. This method was called entrenching. It was fast, but left the soldiers open to enemy fire while they were digging. Sometimes they would build the trenches by extending a trench on one end.

What are trenches in World War 1?

Trench warfare is a type of fighting where both sides dig deep trenches in the ground as a defence against the enemy. The World War 1 trenches could stretch many miles and made it almost impossible for one side to advance on the other. The Western Front in World War 1, located in France, was fought using trench warfare.

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