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Frequently Asked Questions

Is maple tree an evergreen?

Evergreen maples are only evergreen in certain warmer climates. They are typically evergreen in zones 7-9 (sometimes even zone 6) with the exact amount of evergreen depending on the species and the climate. In colder zones, these evergreen maples are semi-evergreen to decidous.

What type of tree is the Maple?

Different Types of Maple Trees with Pictures Paperbark Maple. This tree is a small, deciduous maple tree, which is native to China. ... Full Moon Maple. This is a small, deciduous tree native to Japan. ... Norway Maple. ... Red Maple. ... Sugar Maple. ... Freeman Maple. ... Three Flowered Maple. ... Laceleaf Japanese Maple. ... Japanese Maple. ... Coral Bark Maple. ... More items...

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