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Frequently Asked Questions

What is marching cubes?

The following tutorial in Marching Cubes, a technique for achieving destructible terrain, and more generally, creating a smooth boundary mesh to something solid. In this series, we’ll cover 2d in this first article, follwed by 3d in the next , and Dual Contouring in the third.

What is master pymcubes?

master PyMCubes is an implementation of the marching cubes algorithm to extract iso-surfaces from volumetric data. The volumetric data can be given as a three-dimensional NumPy array or as a Python function f (x, y, z). PyMCubes also provides functions to export the results of the marching cubes in a number of mesh file formats.

What is the use of marching cubes in open3d?

And latest Open3D seems to be containing surface reconstruction algorithms like alphaShape, ballPivoting and PoissonReconstruction. From what I know, marching cubes is usually used for extracting a polygonal mesh of an isosurface from a three-dimensional discrete scalar field (that's what you mean by volume).

How to draw a polygon using marching cubes?

To draw it, you need to know the boundary, i.e. the points between positive and negative, where the function crosses zero. The Marching Cubes algorithm takes such a function, and produces a polygonal approximation to the boundary, which can then be used for rendering.

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