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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plural spelling for match?

The plural form of match is matches . Find more words! What is another word for match? What is the opposite of match? What is the singular of matches? Video Player is loading.

What type of noun is match?

noun senses 2 to 6 Old English gemæcca ‘mate, companion’, of West Germanic origin; related to the base of make. noun sense 1 late Middle English (in the sense ‘wick of a candle’): from Old French meche, perhaps from Latin myxa ‘spout of a lamp’, later ‘lamp wick’.

Is the word match a noun?

What is the noun for match? match. match. (sports) A competitive sporting event such as a boxing meet, a baseball game, or a cricket match. Any contest or trial of strength or skill, or to determine superiority. Someone with a measure of an attribute equaling or exceeding the object of comparison. A marriage.

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