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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mathematics for engineers?

Understanding key mathematical concepts and applying them successfully to solve problems are vital skills that all engineering students must acquire. Mathematics for Engineers teaches, develops and nurtures those skills.

What is a practical engineering maths course?

Practical, informal and accessible, it begins with the foundations and gradually builds upon this knowledge as it introduces more complex concepts to cover all requirements for a first year engineering maths course, together with introductory material for even more advanced topics.

Does mathematics for engineers come with access to mylabmath global?

Were you looking for the book with access to MyLabMath Global This product is the book alone, and does NOT come with access to MyLabMath Global. Buy Mathematics for Engineers, 5e by Croft with MyLabMaths Global access card 5e (ISBN 9781292267685) if you need access to the MyLab as well, and save money on this brilliant resource.

Is there a new edition of the engineering maths textbook?

Tried and tested over many years, this widely used textbook is now in its New edition, having been fully updated and revised. This new edition includes an even greater emphasis on the application of mathematics within a range of engineering contexts. It features detailed explanation of why a technique is important to engineers.

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