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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a mechanical engineer require a lot of math?

There can be a lot of math required when employed as a mechanical engineer depending at what level you're in, but more importantly is ingenuity and cleverness to solve problems in design or production. Mechanical engineering is mathematics-intensive.

What are math classes above calculus do mechanical engineers need?

You’ll probably have to take three calculus courses as a mechanical engineer, as well as a differential equations class and a matrix theory class (if that’s not already included in the curriculum of another math class).

What math is required for mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineers combine math with analytical and problem-solving abilities to develop or repair new equipment and machines. In the auto industry, an engineer might design a new chassis, for instance. Basic math, calculus and trigonometry are especially important math skills for a mechanical engineer.

How much math is there in Mechanical Engineering?

In Mechanical Engineering there is no more mathematics than that required to fully understand the areas as an Engineer and not see the concepts involved as seen by a mechanic or a technician or as a skilled laborer.

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