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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you max out your HSA contributions?

Contribute enough to any workplace retirement plan to earn your maximum match.Then max out your HSA. ...Finally, go back and fund other retirement savings like a Roth IRA if you're eligible or your workplace plan.

What is the maximum contribution to HSA?

The Internal Revenue Service has raised the annual contribution limit to a health savings account to $3,850 for an individual and $7,750 for a family for the 2023 calendar year. The current limit is $3,650 for an individual and $7,300 for a family.

Are there income limits for HSA contributions?

There is no income limit for IRA and Roth IRA contributions if neither spouse has access to a qualified employer sponsored retirement plan. The only qualification for receiving a deduction for a contribution to an HSA is the participant must be enrolled in a qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

Do HSA limits include employer contributions?

What are the rules for HSA employer contributions? HSAs do have limits when it comes to contributions. In 2021, the maximum contribution from both your company and the employee is $3,600 for single employees (an increase of $50 from 2020). For employees with dependents, the contribution is $7,200 (an increase of $100 from 2020).

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