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Frequently Asked Questions

Which MC4 connector is positive?

Take a look at the first module and you’ll notice that it has two wires extending from the junction box. One wire is the DC positive (+) and the other is the DC negative (-). Generally, the male MC4 connector is associated with the positive lead and the female connector is associated with the negative lead.

What is MC4 cable?

An MC4 extension cable is very similar in concept to an electrical extension cord. Just like an extension cord has a male plug on one end and a female plug on the other, an MC4 extension cable has a male connector on one end and a female connector on the opposite end.

What is a connector assembly?

Connector Assembly is a five-piece, fine-motor and tool-use task that requires inserting, turning and using a screwdriver. Each industrial cable connector includes a base piece, large nut, plate and two screws.

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