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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Stäubli MC4 connectors?

As a pioneer and global market leader for PV connectors, Stäubli has been set- ting the industry benchmark since the introduction of the original MC4 connec- tor. The Original Stäubli MC4 connec- tors connected by mid-2021 more than 400 GW, which comes up to around 50 % of the cumulated PV capacity worldwide.

What is MC1 MC2 MC3 and MC4 connector?

MC1, MC2, MC3 and MC4 connector explained 1 Achilles heels 2 National Electric Code (NEC) 3 MC2 and MC4 connector: positive locking and ingress protection 4 AWG 10

What size wire do you need to disconnect MC4 connectors?

MC4 connectors Normally a tool will be required to disconnect, but in some designs tabs can be pressed to unlock and pull. They will normally take AWG 10 or AWG 12 wires to crimp or solder. Current rating specifications by one manufacturer is about 30A, with contact resistance less than 0.5 Ω.

What is a multicontact connector?

Multicontact was the name of one of the original manufacturers which caught on. The digits 1 to 4 stand for the contact pin cross section in mm 2. I use MC4 connectors from a variety of companies.

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