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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an MC4 and an extension cord?

Just like an extension cord has a male plug on one end and a female plug on the other, an MC4 extension cable has a male connector on one end and a female connector on the opposite end. They are available in many different lengths from 8 feet to 100 feet long.

How do I Disconnect my MC4 cables?

If for some reason you need to disconnect your MC4 cables, you will need one of these. You must insert the two extended posts on the end of the tool into the side of the female MC4 connector. This disengages the locking mechanism on the male connector and allows the two connectors to separate.

Is MC4 still used for solar panels?

This method is still used, but it's slowly becoming a thing of the past. Modern solar modules tend to use the MC4 connectors because they make wiring your solar array much simpler and faster. The connectors come in both male and female types which are designed to snap together.

What is the positive and negative wire on an MC4 connector?

One wire is the DC positive (+) and the other is the DC negative (-). Generally, the female MC4 connector is associated with the positive lead and the male connector is associated with the negative lead.

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