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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Erica McGraw married?

Celebrity Biographies. Jay McGraw has been married to Erica Dahm since August 12, 2006. They have been married for 12.2 years.

Where is the location of McGraw Hill?

1221 Avenue of the Americas (formerly also known as the McGraw-Hill Building) is a skyscraper located at 1221 Sixth Avenue, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

How many songs does Tim McGraw have?

Tim McGraw has released 14 studio albums in the past 23 years. When you add up all the songs off those albums, there are 175.

What is Phil McGraw's education?

Dr. Phil McGraw's highest degree is a Doctor of Philosophy, or Ph.D., in Clinical Psychology; he also holds a master's degree in the same subject and a bachelor's degree in psychology, as of 2015 . Dr. Phil worked in a private practice and appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" before he began hosting his own television show in 2002.

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