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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of McVeigh funeral home?

William became owner of the business in 1938. He changed the name to McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. and moved to the current location in Albany, NY. Upon his passing, son William J. McVeigh took over the business and continued the tradition of serving Albany area families.

When did Brian McVeigh become a funeral director?

He came to the McVeigh Funeral Home in October of 1999 to serve his residency, and continues presently as a licensed funeral director. In 2008, Brian completed training in the prestigious Fountain National Academy of Professional Embalming Skills. The McVeigh family is proud to call Brian a member of their staff.

Who is Dawn McVeigh?

Dawn joined the McVeigh Funeral Home in September 1997 after retiring from a 39 year career in the insurance industry. She has known the McVeigh family for a long time and was happy to join the firm when offered the opportunity. She is the proud mother of three and grandmother also of three.

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