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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Meaher family?

The Mobile area features Meaher State Park and Meaher Avenue near Africatown, and the Meaher family has signs throughout the area offering land for lease. A red concrete marker bearing the family’s name stands in the Tensaw Delta near the spot where the Clotilda’s remains were found last year.

Who is Meg Meaher?

Meg Meaher, who lives in North Carolina, attended via Zoom. Ellis declined to disclose where the meeting occurred. Timothy Meaher was the steamship owner who financed and brought 110 Africans from Benin to Mobile follow a harrowing journey aboard the Clotilda more than 162 years ago, many years after the nation banned the importation of slaves.

Who was Timothy Meaher?

* The birth of Timothy Meaher is remembered on this date in 1812. He was a white-American 19th-century slaver, businessman and landowner. From Whitfield, Maine, he was the son of James and Susannah Millay Meaher. James & Susannah were both born in Ireland. He came to Mobile, Alabama around 1836 and owned slave ship the Clotilda.

What is Meaher Park?

This 1,327-acre park is situated in the wetlands of north Mobile Bay, and is a day-use, picnicking and scenic park with modern camping hook-ups for overnight visitors. Meaher’s boat ramp and fishing pier will appeal to every fisherman and a self-guided walk on our boardwalk will give you an up-close view of the beautiful Mobile-Tensaw Delta.

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