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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Revolution" by the Beatles mean?

The song “Revolution” by The Beatles shows John Lennon’s emotional struggle through his decisions on who to support, whether he should support them, and how he should act out on his decision. “Revolution” also shows his physical struggle with violence caused by the Vietnamese War because his main goal was peace.

Did the Beatles really invent prog?

Of course, much of what made the Beatles prog was the contribution of George Martin True. I'm guessing, though, that The Beatles are what made prog famous. Beatles were undoubtedly prog, as their sound not only changed as they matured, but explored new things that changed their music on a regular basis.

Why did the Beatles write the song Revolution?

Why did the Beatles wrote the song Revolution? Lennon decided to write a song about the recent wave of social upheaval while the Beatles were in Rishikesh, India, studying Transcendental Meditation. He recalled, “I thought it was about time we spoke about it, the same as I thought it was about time we stopped not answering about the Vietnamese war [in 1966].

Why are the Beatles so revered?

[quote]Why are the Beatles so revered? Because the silly yuppies who took over the media in the 80's were Beatlemanics. That's it. The only people who think they're the greatest thing on earth are the assholes of that generation. Most of the beatles songs are no better than Abba's stuff, and the lyrics are an absolute joke.

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