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Frequently Asked Questions

How any songs does Taylor Swift have?

Taylor Swift Has Over 134 Songs - How Many Have You Listened To? Does anyone remember when Taylor Swift was a country artist? Check off every Taylor Swift song you've listened to: "Me!" "Me!" "...Ready For It?" "...Ready For It?" "So It Goes..."

Does Taylor Swift have a new song?

Taylor Swift may not yet have formal plans for a new studio album, but she's just released a brand new song called "Sweeter Than Fiction," which hit iTunes at midnight. The peppy rock-tinged song was co-written with Jack Antonoff, better known as the guitarist from fun. who is currently dating Lena Dunham.

What is the meaning of the song Love Story by Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift wrote this song based on a personal experience in her life, just as most of her songs are. The story which this song's lyrics are based on goes back to Swifts' teenage years when her parents did not like her boyfriend at the time and thought that he was a creep; however, Swift thought she was in love.

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