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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different meanings of flowers?

Here are some of the meanings behind the colors of flowers: Yellow: symbolizes happiness, friendship, enthusiasm, luxury, and pride. Red: symbolizes the feeling of emotions like love and passion. Orange: symbolizes satisfaction, confidence and passion for life. Green: symbolizes youth, health, good fortune, renewal and optimism.

What are the 5 types of flowers?

The five types of bulbs include rhizomes, true bulbs, tubers, tuberous roots and corms. Flowers grown from bulbs can return annually up to six years, depending on the cultivar. Layer bulbs in your flower bed for colorful flowers that begin with crocus, anemone, allium and other spring blooming flowers.

What does a rose symbolize?

Rose meaning Most commonly, roses are associated with love and romance. However, rose symbolism is vast and they can hide some other interpretations behind them. Sometimes, roses can mean secrecy or confidentiality.

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