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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for Medicaid of Virginia?

Medicaid Office Location. Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services. 600 East Broad Street Suite 1300. Richmond, VA 23219. Medicaid Office Phone Number. The phone number to call the Virginia Medicaid office is 804-786-7933. Medicaid Online. To view the website for Virginia Medicaid online, click here.

How do you apply for Medicaid in Virginia?

Medicaid Application Requirements in Virginia. In order to apply for Medicaid in Virginia, you will need to complete an application and include required identity documents, as well as personal informational requests. Virginia Medicaid applications are verified through a digital database in order to guarantee accuracy.

Are you eligible for Medicaid in Virginia?

Who is eligible for Virginia Medicaid? To be eligible for Virginia Medicaid, you must be a resident of the state of Virginia , a U.S. national, citizen, permanent resident, or legal alien, in need of health care/insurance assistance, whose financial situation would be characterized as low income or very low income.

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