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Frequently Asked Questions

What are denial codes?

Denial Code - 140 defined as "Patient/Insured health identification number and name do not ...

What is Oa 18 denial code?

What does OA 18 mean on Medicare EOB? Q: We are receiving a denial with claim adjustment reason code (CARC) OA18 . A: You will receive this reason code when more than one claim has been submitted for the same item or service(s) provided to the same beneficiary on the same date(s) of service.

What does denial Code Co 151 mean?

What is denial code CO 151? Description. Purpose Code: 151. Cost adjusted as a result of the payer deems the data submitted doesn’t assist this many/frequency of companies. Comment Code: N115. This determination was based mostly... What is remark code n793? N793 signifies that the affected person now has been supplied a brand new identifier.

What does this denial code mean?

What is a denial code? Denial reason codes is standard messages, which are used to describe or provide information to the medical provider or patient by insurance companies regarding why the claims were denied. This standard format is followed by all the insurance companies in order to relieve the burden of the medical provider.

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