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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Medicare Coverage Helpline misleading consumers?

10/23/20: Medicare Coverage Helpline, which it is important to remember is in no way affiliated with the government, continues to mislead consumers on the benefits it can offer Medicare recipients, only now it has the help of New York Jets legend Joe Namath as a paid spokesperson.

What are the extra benefits offered by Medicare Coverage Helpline?

Editor’s Note: Updates have been posted at the end of this article. With heath care uncertainty front and center in the news of late, an advertisement by the Medicare Coverage Helpline alerting consumers about extra benefits, such as hearing, dental, vision and prescription drug coverage, certainly sparks interest.

Is the Medicare Coverage Helpline a government hotline?

But what may not be as apparent is that the Medicare Coverage Helpline is not a government hotline at all and Buchwald is a paid spokesman (did you catch those disclosures? Probably not, as they flash by quickly in fine print within a couple of seconds).

Who is the man in the new covered America ad?

The ad, complete with an American flag, features a man identified as Dr. Jason Buchwald and urges consumers to call a special hotline to find out about coverage they may not know is available. Don’t delay!

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