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Frequently Asked Questions

What if Medicare denies coverage?

An insurance plan that covers particular treatments, can be used in place of Medicare if necessary. This doesn’t matter if it is the first or second in billing. If Medicare denies coverage, the billing will fall onto the second and so on.

What is Medicare customer service phone number?

Medicare Customer Service Phone Number. Phone Number of Medicare is 1-800-633-4227 . Medicare is Social Insurance plan operated by the United States Government. The Program makes sure the health insurance of senior Citizens and handicapped persons of the country.

Are there limits on Medicare coverage?

Medicare Part A Lifetime Limits. Medicare Part A covers hospital stays for any single illness or injury up to a benefit period of 90 days. If you need to stay in the hospital more than 90 days, you have the option of using your lifetime reserve days, of which the Medicare lifetime limit is 60 days.

What is Medicare Vision coverage?

Medicare Part A typically covers vision care only in circumstances where something happens to the eye(s) that requires inpatient hospitalization. Medicare Part B covers part of the cost for one pair of glasses or one pair of contact lenses following cataract surgery where a new lens was implanted to replace your damaged lens.

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