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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Mega Mart?

MEGA MART’s special ingredients for success are: selection, quality, price, and value. We know that this is what you are looking for because here in MEGA MART we employ over 120 employees and each of them are part of a loving family that are shoppers like you and I.

What is it like to shop at MegaMart?

The layout is cramped, the checkout lines can be long, and the parking is horrendous, often causing traffic issue along Nicholson Lane. The people who drive the megamart vehicle also don't seem to be skilled at driving. I recommend you shop elsewhere.

Where can I find updated mall hours and open stores?

Visit our # SafeMallingAtSM page for the complete list of updated mall hours and open stores and services. We encourage everyone to follow minimum health guidelines at all times as part of the SM Supermalls Mall Entry Guidelines. Cigar, Tobacco & Accs.

Why MegaMart for authentic Mexican food?

A need and want for some authentic Mexican ingredients brought me to MegaMart. It looks a little rough on the outside, but it provides the authentic experience. From the fruit stand out front, to the piñatas hanging from the ceiling on the inside, this pace has got it all!!

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