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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hanoi shopping malls are so popular?

While cramped townhouses, flea markets, and handicraft aplenty shops in downtown Hanoi, modern shopping malls are becoming increasingly popular among locals and wealthy tourists to provide a wide array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options under one roof.

What is times city Hanoi Vietnam?

Vincom Mega Mall Times City is known as one of the largest and most modern “shopping paradises” in Vietnam, with hundreds of famous global brands, satisfying the shopping needs of all residents and tourists guests come here. Opened at the end of 2013, VMM Times City quickly became a tourist, entertainment, and entertainment place of Hanoi Capital.

Is Trang Tien Plaza in Hanoi a good place to live?

And with that modernity, Trang Tien Plaza has become an impressive photo taking place. However, it is no longer suitable for many classes like before. If you are looking for an apartment, house, or villa to live in Hanoi, Alpha Housing will help you to find the best place to be your home.

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