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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Megalo?

With Megalo, you’ll get targeted business advice, an elegant database solution, and cleverly written code — while speaking with a real person who understands. Harness the quantitative number-crunching power of MS Access while integrating your data across a variety of software packages, from Outlook to Quickbooks.

What kind of shark is Megalo?

Megalo is a shark that lives on Fish-Man Island. He is the beloved pet of Princess Shirahoshi and former pet of the Neptune Army. Megalo is a black shark with a white underbelly.

What is the meaning of the prefix megalo?

What does megalo- mean? Megalo- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “large, great, grand, abnormally large.” It is used in many scientific and medical terms. Megalo- ultimately comes from the Greek mégas, meaning “great, large.”

What does megalobox stand for?

Megalobox (Japanese: メガロボクス, Hepburn: Megarobokusu) is a Japanese anime television series. The series is produced and animated by TMS Entertainment and its subsidiary 3xCube and directed by Yō Moriyama, his first directorial work. Megalobox was created in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the boxing manga Ashita no Joe.

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