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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relative location of Melbourne Australia?

/  37.81361°S 144.96306°E  / -37.81361; 144.96306 Melbourne ( / ˈmɛlbərn / ( listen) MEL-bərn) is the capital and most-populous city of the Australian state of Victoria, and the second-most populous city in both Australia and Oceania.

How many cities are in Greater Melbourne?

Its name generally refers to a 9,993 km 2 (3,858 sq mi) metropolitan area known as Greater Melbourne, comprising an urban agglomeration of 31 local municipalities, although the name is also used specifically for the local municipality of City of Melbourne based around its central business area.

What type of landform is Melbourne?

Melbourne is in the southeastern part of mainland Australia, within the state of Victoria. Geologically, it is built on the confluence of Quaternary lava flows to the west, Silurian mudstones to the east, and Holocene sand accumulation to the southeast along Port Phillip.

What is the postcode for city of Melbourne?

^ "City of Melbourne: Strategic Planning — Postcode 3000". City of Melbourne. Archived from the original on 12 September 2008. Retrieved 5 October 2008. ^ Smith, Rohan (5 October 2018). "There’s a reason Melbourne feels so crowded — it’s the most densely populated area in Australia", Retrieved 14 April 2019.

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