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Frequently Asked Questions

What is American Express membership rewards?

American Express Membership Rewards® is a flexible point currency earned by a number of cards that are issued by American Express. Points are awarded when you spend on the card, sometimes at a flat rate and other times based on the merchant category. Using your card isn’t the only way to earn points, though.

What are American Express Amex offers?

American Express has targeted offers, called Amex Offers, that appear on an individual’s account. The offers can include saving a set dollar amount, saving a percentage on a purchase or earning extra Membership Rewards points. These offers must be added to the eligible Membership Rewards earning card before the purchase is made.

Can I reverse my American Express membership rewards transfer?

American Express Membership Rewards transfers are one-way, meaning once you transfer points to a loyalty program, you are not able to reverse the transfer and move points from the loyalty program back to your Membership Rewards account. Ensure you enter the number of points you wish to transfer correctly.

Does American Express offer a welcome bonus?

Most American Express cards in the Membership Rewards program offer a welcome bonus after meeting minimum spending requirements on a new card. Membership Rewards points can also be earned by referring friends to American Express cards, by shopping online through the Rakuten shopping portal and through targeted spending offers.

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