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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the delays at Memphis International Airport?

Memphis International Airport (MEM) General Departure Delays: Traffic is experiencing gate hold and taxi delays lasting 15 minutes or less. General Arrival Delays: Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less.

What's happening with Memphis International Airport's Concourse modernization project?

Despite the pandemic’s effects on passenger travel, Memphis International Airport’s (MEM’s) concourse modernization project continues to progress. With exterior work nearly completed, the focus of the project has shifted to the interior of the redesigned concourse, with tasks including the installation of metal framing, finishes and ceiling tile.

What is the name of the Memphis Airport?

Memphis’ Hometown Airport Memphis International Airport (MEM) serves thousands of passengers every month. The majority of our customers originate or arrive in Memphis, meaning as an origination and destination airport we predominantly serve your family, friends and colleagues and play host to thousands of tourists and visitors.

Does Memphis Airport (MEM) have a job fair?

Local job seekers can find out more about career opportunities at the airport when Memphis International Airport (MEM) hosts a job fair on Wednesday, August 25. Frontier Airlines has announced that it will begin nonstop flights between Memphis International Airport (MEM) and Miami International Airport (MIA) starting November 1.

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