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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Menards sell pressure treated lumber?

Treated Lumber Store AC2® Pressure Treated Lumber is 3rd Party Certified for Your Quality Assurance! If you want the beautiful and natural look of wood for your project with added benefits and protection, head to Menards® for top-notch treated wood products!

Does Menards sell AC2 treated deck boards?

Menards Treated Deck Boards Evelyn Posted on January 22, 2018 Shop Menards for AC2 pressure treated lumber that prevents decay and termites in a large variety of sizes for all your construction needs. 14' Above Ground AC2® Green Pressure Treated Thick Deck Board.

What is pressure treated lumber?

To make pressure treated lumber, the wood is put under intense pressure and bathed in a chemical treatment. The end product is lumber that's resistant to decay, insect infestation, and mold and water damage.

Does Menards cut wood?

Yes, Menards does cut wood. Each store has its own policy on the type and length of wood that they can cut. The prices also vary depending on the amount you need cut, the size, and the type of wood being cut. You may find having your wood cut at Menards to be worth it. How Much Does Menards Charge To Cut Wood? Each store sets its own price.

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