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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a merchant service fee?

Merchant fees are money charged by a merchant service to a vendor for processing credit card transactions. Merchant fees are calculated as a percentage of each credit card sale. The Director of Sales and Marketing said that credit card merchant fees were a significant and increasing cost to the company.

What are discount fees in merchant processing?

The merchant discount rate is a fee merchants must consider when managing the overall costs of their business. Local merchants and e-commerce merchants will typically have varying fees and service level agreements. Most merchants can expect to pay a 1% to 3% fee for payment processing of each transaction.

How do merchant account fees work?

Typically, you would be charged a fee based on one of three different pricing models. A flat rate is the simplest of the three to understand. The merchant account provider charges your business either a flat fee per transaction, a fixed percentage per transaction, or a mixture of the two each time a card is swiped.

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