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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Merchant Center and how does it work?

Google Merchant Center helps you get your store and product info into Google and make it available to shoppers across Google. That means everything about your stores and products is available to customers when they search on a Google property.

Why choose MSc merchant service center?

We spend countless time and money to make sure that the tools and credit card processing software is beyond the competition. MSC Merchant Service Center takes a lot of pride in the high level of customer service that is provided to both the prospects and our wonderful customers.

How do I create a Microsoft Merchant Center store?

If you want to create a Microsoft Merchant Center Store, you need to verify and claim your website through Bing Webmaster Tools or an existing Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag. The website destination URL associated with your Microsoft Merchant Center store is used to verify that you indeed own your uploaded product offers.

How does Microsoft Merchant Center work with Bing?

Microsoft Merchant Center allows you to create a feed, which includes images and other information about your products, so that your products can display on Bing.

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