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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center helps millions of people discover, explore, and buy your products. With its family of features and deep reporting tools, it brings you different ways to get the right products to the right customers.

How do I create a Microsoft Merchant Center store?

If you want to create a Microsoft Merchant Center Store, you need to verify and claim your website through Bing Webmaster Tools or an existing Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag. The website destination URL associated with your Microsoft Merchant Center store is used to verify that you indeed own your uploaded product offers.

What is the free product listings offering in Microsoft Merchant Center?

When the Merchant Center store is created you’re opted-in to the free Product Listings offering, enabling your approved products to be eligible to show in the free products listings section on the Bing Shopping Tab. Reporting for Product Listings will be available in Microsoft Merchant Center this fall.

How does Microsoft Merchant Center work with Bing?

Microsoft Merchant Center allows you to create a feed, which includes images and other information about your products, so that your products can display on Bing.

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