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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the S3 Merchant Link mobile app?

The S3 Merchant Link mobile app is available for qualified merchants and retailers. You must submit an online application at in order to qualify and access the S3 Merchant Link mobile app.

What is a payment link?

What is a Payment Link? A payment link is a way to request payment from customers paying for goods or services outside of traditional online store purchases. Upon clicking the payment link, your customers can choose to pay from the list of payment sources.

How to use Paytm link sharing?

Link Sharing: The merchant can share the Paytm link via SMS, Social Media, or Email. Once the merchant shares the link, the customer can make payments through the Paytm app or the browser via the single online payment link they receive.

How do I resend a payment link to a customer?

You can resend the link to your customer on any Email ID and Mobile Number by using the Resend Link API. You can accept information from your users by sending a form along with the payment link. The customer journey will be as follows: Customer clicks the payment link. Form is opened in the web or mobile browser.

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