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Frequently Asked Questions

How many complaints have been filed against merchant Lynx?

Over 50 Complaints As of this update, Merchant Lynx Services has an “ A ” rating with the Better Business Bureau and is showing 66 complaints filed in the last 36 months. 26 of the complaints were due to a problem with a product or service, 27 were billing or collections issues, and 13 were due to advertising or sales problems.

What is merchantlynx?

Merchant Lynx ( is a merchant account provider based in Annapolis, Maryland, with offices in Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, and Arizona.

Who is the CEO of merchant Lynx?

John Kucyk is listed as the president and CEO of Merchant Lynx. Costs & Contract: Merchant Lynx offers a three-year contract through iPayment with a $495 early termination fee and an expensive long-term equipment lease. Complaints & Service: Merchant Lynx has received more than 100 public complaints.

What is the meritmerchant Lynx lawsuit?

Merchant Lynx is currently the defendant in a federal civil suit filed by Liberty Salad, Inc. The lawsuit alleges that Merchant Lynx charged unauthorized rates and fees following a sales agent’s nondisclosure of the company’s program guide. This case appears to be in settlement talks.

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