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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find merchant navy seamen Records?

This collection includes Merchant Navy Seamen records held at The National Archives. The contents of the records vary, but they usually include name, age, place of birth, register ticket, ship names, and dates of voyages.

What does a merchant seaman do?

A merchant seaman generally undergoes formal training and an apprenticeship before being hired to work as an employee on a vessel. Also known as merchant marines or merchant navy positions, various types of seamen jobs exist within the industry.

What is the difference between a merchant navy seaman and Royal Navy?

Those working in the Merchant Navy below the rank of the officer class are mostly referred to as ‘seamen’ or ‘mariners’ whilst those serving in the Royal Navy are mostly referred to as ‘ratings’. For details of the career of a captain or mate who held Masters’ Certificates, consult Lloyds Captains’ Registers.

When did the merchant seaman Act come into effect?

Most Merchant Seaman records survive from 1835 following the introduction of the Merchant Shipping Act which introduced for the first time a central register of seamen. Before the Act few records merchant seamen records exist as seamen were employed for the duration of the contract and then made redundant.

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