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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Michelle's painting been teaching?

With over 20 years of painting and teaching experience, Michelle is here to give you her personal painting tips and guidance on how to be an artist that creates professional quality work... and she'll teach you how to have fun while you're doing it! She'll keep your creative juices flowing as you travel down your own artistic road!

Why join Michelle's Art Club?

Michelle has designed her membership levels around helping you to enhance your painting skills, develop more confidence in your creative approach and to provide you with a fun and educational way to incorporate art making into your life.

Who is Michelle Iglesias?

Born in 1972 in Blandford, MA, USA, currently residing in Dalton, MA, USA, Michelle Iglesias entered into the art scene in 2002 when she opened “Piece of My Art Gallery and Frame Shop” in Westfield, MA. Her strong business skills, love for art, and custom framing background gave her the confidence to start her art career.

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