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Frequently Asked Questions

How many unemployment claims have been cleared by the UIA in Michigan?

In just the last week alone, the UIA has cleared a combined 150,000 active and new claims flagged for identity verification. Read: Lawmakers tasked with fixing Michigan unemployment problems after hearing from frustrated residents “Our focus remains on getting 100% of eligible Michigan workers 100% of the benefits they deserve.

What happens when the UIA makes a decision on eligibility?

For workers who applied before June 1 and are awaiting a decision on eligibility, the UIA will pay out benefits, determine that the claimant is ineligible and communicate why or deem the claimant unreachable after multiple attempts to make contact.

How many UIA claims are still pending adjudication?

Around 20,000 unpaid claims are held pending adjudication for "other reasons." “The UIA remains committed to quickly processing claims," UIA Director Steve Gray said.

How do I waive my unemployment overpayment balance in Michigan?

Completion of this form is a request to waive repayment of your benefit overpayment balance. You can file your application online through your Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM) or return this completed form to the following address or fax number: Unemployment Insurance Agency, P.O. Box 169, Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0169, or fax to 1-517-636-0427.

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