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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I re-image my Surface Hub SSD?

From this site, you can download the Microsoft Surface Hub Recovery Tool or the Surface Hub Replacement PC drivers. The Surface Hub Recovery Tool helps you re-image your Surface Hub Solid State Drives (SSD) using a Windows 10 desktop device without a need for calling for support or replacing the SSD itself.

How do I download the latest drivers and firmware for my surface?

On the Download Center details page, select Download. If multiple downloads are available and you want to update your Surface with the latest drivers and firmware from the Download Center, select the .msi file name that matches your Surface model and version of Windows and select Next. For example:

How do I install the Surface Hub recovery tool?

Download and install the Surface Hub Recovery Tool package by clicking the Download button above from the computer you’d like to use as a host PC. If your browser prompts you to Save or Run the file, click Run to start the installation immediately or click Save to copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time.

Does resetting to previous OS resolve DTX and serial hub issue?

Unfortunately, resetting the system with a complete wipe to the previous OS has not resolved the "Surface DTX" and "Serial Hub" issue. "Device settings for ACPI\MSHW0133\2&daba3ff&0 were not migrated from previous OS installation due to partial or ambiguous device match. " I have also merely tried to uninstall, delete, and reinstall those drives.

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