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Frequently Asked Questions

How to work with MicroStation in 3D?

The interesting thing when working with MicroStation in 3D is each view has it’s own axis. When you move your pointer inside a view, the axis color will turn to green and red. It means, MicroStation will use that axis.

How to make a window panel in MicroStation?

Open MicroStation menu, go to settings>design file. Choose working unit category. Change the master unit to millimeters. Click OK to close the dialog. Click [ctrl] + F to save settings. Let us start to create our windows panel. There are many 3D tools that we can use. However, the process is usually very simple but require repetitions.

How to use sweep direction in MicroStation?

The sweep direction is perpendicular to the plane of the 2D element. MicroStation creates a 2D clipping shape using active attributes. The green dashed line is the 2D shape and right image is clip volume When a 3D element is used, it defines the entire clip volume. Left image is before applying a clip volume and right is after one is applied

What is clip volume in MicroStation?

MicroStation’s Clip Volume tools let you select a discrete volume within the design cube for display. Hint: This tool is helpful when you have elements on the same level and you do not want to see all of them.

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