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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Accudraw shortcut in MicroStation?

AccuDraw shortcut is a very cool feature in MicroStation. You can control many AccuDraw behavior with it. Make sure AccuDraw get the focus by pressing [f11], then press [?]. You can see the list of the whole AccuDraw shortcuts.

How to set the origin of the Accudraw compass in MicroStation?

One of these is the AccuDraw Set Origin shortcut. Setting the AccuDraw compass origin has always been done (and still is in MicroStation CONNECT) via the O shortcut key. In ORD the O shortcut has been changed to set the origin for Civil AccuDraw. Modify your keyboard shortcuts so that you have both shortcuts available.

How do I activate Accudraw?

That is "ctrl"+left+right mousebutton. AccuDraw is now activated and the origin is right at that point. From there you now can go ahead, indicate your distance with the cursor an keyin the value or use whatever ÁccuDraw shortcut you need next.

How do I set the origin in Accudraw?

> Key-in the O shortcut to set the origin. The AccuDraw Set Origin tool can be quickly accessed via either the Space H O shortcut or Q H O shortcut without the need to modify your default keyboard shortcuts.

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