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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are helicopter crashes so deadly?

This is due to the risk of failure that increases the longer the craft is in the air. In air travel, helicopters in particular have one of the highest rates of fatal mechanical failure. Helicopters are used as a search and rescue device for paramedics.

Is it hard to survive a helicopter crash?

That’s. It true! Many helicopter crashes are survivable, especially helicopters with floats which can land on water. If a helicopter has a damaged propeller it’s flight becomes impaired and erratic this uncontrollable fast decent can cause serious consequences but engine failure if handled correctly can be totally survivable!

How often do military planes crash?

There are about 9 - 12 crashes per year. Given the military's low level operations into various terrain and the constant training that happens in the actual aircraft (the airlines use simulators), the accident rate will be very different from the airlines. You should also note that some countries have better safety records than others.

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