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Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the Illions?

Tier 1: Millillion Micrillion Nanillion Picillion Femtillion Attillion Zeptillion Yoctillion Xonillion Vecillion Mecillion Duecillion Trecillion Tetrecillion Pentecillion Hexecillion Heptecillion Octecillion Ennecillion Icosillion Triacontillion Tetracontillion Pentacontillion Hexacontillion Heptacontillion Octacontillion Ennacontillion Hectillion Killillion Megillion Gigillion Terillion Petillion Exillion Zettillion Yottillion Xennillion

What comes after octillion?

After Septillion it comes Octillion. Octillion – Octillion have one number and twenty seven zero after that. After Octillion it comes Nonillion. Nonillion -Nonillion have one number and thirty zero after that.

How many zeros in a trillion?

So if your question is how many zeros are there in a trillion, the simple answer would be 12 zeros. And if you are willing to know a more elaborate answer you should know both short scale and long scale methods. To sum up, there are twelve zeros in a trillion in general.

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