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Frequently Asked Questions

How did reggae music begin?

Although reggae music began on the island of Jamaica in the late 1960s. Reggae derived from other genres such as jazz, ska and eventually rocksteady. Successful reggae musicians, such as Bob Marley, helped the genre spread around the world and influenced other genres to begin.

What is old school reggae?

The Charm Of Old School Reggae. Old school reggae is often associated with Jamaican tradition and as it stemmed out of the poor communities, it was considered that it needed revival and more promotion. And, the term old school is also used for something that is no longer at the forefront of consciousness or memory of people around.

What color is reggae?

In Some places the reggae colors include just black, green and gold which are the colors of the Jamaican flag. The rationale behind using black, green and gold for the reggae colors is simply because reggae music is a product of Jamaica and it should reflect the national colors.

What is a reggae band?

reggae band. A type of music band that is formed to create, produce and perform a variety of their original and creative reggae music. There are various types of reggae bands across the world whose passion is reggae music.

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