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Frequently Asked Questions

What airports are in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee hosts two airports, the General Mitchell International Airport and the Timmerman Airport. As an international airport, the General Mitchell Airport connects passengers to national and international cities, and the Timmerman Airport provides private, chartered flights that connect to the nation’s small towns and cities.

What airlines fly out of Milwaukee?

American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, US Airways and United all fly regularly out of Milwaukee's General Mitchell Airport. One Jet, Frontier, Alaska Airlines and Air Canada also fly out of General Mitchell Airport.

How much is parking at Milwaukee airport?

They will park your car in a safe and covered parking area. This parking option is available 24/7, and its daily parking rate is $25. Milwaukee Airport provides the hourly public parking facility as a part of the parking garage. This garage parking is situated right across from the airport terminal building, on the third and fourth floors.

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