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Frequently Asked Questions

What to see in Milwaukee?

What to See in Milwaukee. The museum graces the front of the city’s eastern skyline and also offers spectacular views of sparkling Lake Michigan. For history buffs, a tour through downtown reveals breathtaking architecture such as the Flemish Renaissance Revival-style City Hall, the 19th-century Romanesque Pfister Hotel,...

Where is the Jewish Museum in Milwaukee?

Jewish Museum of Milwaukee is located at 1360 N Prospect Avenue in Milwaukee. The Museum and Archives are situated within Milwaukee's museum district north of the downtown area, and a ten-minute walk from the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Charles Allis Art Museum, and the Betty Brinn Children's Museum.

Where is the Milwaukee Museum of Art?

The Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) is an art museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Its collection contains nearly 25,000 works of art.

Who is the architect of the Milwaukee Art Museum?

The Milwaukee Art Museum is an architectural landmark, comprised of three buildings designed by three legendary architects: Eero Saarinen, David Kahler, and Santiago Calatrava.

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