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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Missouri Conservation card?

The Missouri Conservation Permit Card makes purchasing and carrying your permits a breeze. The Conservation Permit Card looks similar to a credit card, and it stores information that can speed up the permit-buying process.

What is the phone number for the Missouri Conservation Department?

The phone number for Missouri Department of Conservation is (573) 796-0286. Missouri Department of Conservation has approximately 5 employees at this location.

What is a Missouri Heritage card?

Missouri Conservation Heritage Card. The Missouri Conservation Heritage Card is proof that you have successfully completed all the hunter education requirements and can purchase a permit to legally hunt in the state of Missouri.

What is the Missouri Department of Conservation?

Missouri Department of Conservation. The Commission is vested with control, management, restoration, conservation, and regulation of fish, forest, and wildlife resources of the state. The Department of Conservation owns and oversees hatcheries, sanctuaries, refuges, and reservations, and enforces the state wildlife code.

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