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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register a limited liability company in Missouri?

A limited liability company may designate one or more "managers" to operate its business or it may choose to operate under the direction of its members. Foreign limited liability companies must register with the Secretary of State in order to conduct business in the state of Missouri. File a limited liability company online.

How do I file a non profit corporation in Missouri?

Nonprofit corporations seeking tax-exempt status must apply directly to the Internal Revenue Service and the Missouri Department of Revenue. File a nonprofit corporation online. III. Professional Corporations Professional corporations are formed under Chapter 356 RSMo.

How is income reported on a Missouri sole proprietorship tax return?

Income and expenses are reported on the proprietor's federal individual income tax return and in return the income will flow through on the Missouri Individual Income Tax Return. A sole proprietorship has a single owner who has complete control over a business.

How do I become a limited partnership in Missouri?

Limited Liability Limited Partnerships A Missouri limited partnership may elect to become a limited liability limited partnership pursuant to Section 359.172, RSMo. by filing an application with the Corporations Division.

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