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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Missouri tax ID number?

What is an EIN? A Missouri tax ID number, also referred to as an EIN or Employer Identification Number, is given to a business entity from the IRS. It's also called a Tax ID Number or Federal Tax ID Number (TIN). To a business, the EIN serves the same purpose as a social security number serves for an individual.

Who is responsible for collecting use tax in Missouri?

A seller not engaged in business is not required to collect Missouri tax but the purchaser in these instances is responsible for remitting use tax to Missouri. A purchaser is required to file a use tax return if the cumulative purchases subject to use tax exceed two thousand dollars in a calendar year.

Is my Missouri state tax information secure?

The Missouri Department of Revenue, pursuant to Section 32.057, Revised Statutes of Missouri, is required to keep all tax information strictly confidential. This transaction takes place on a secure server using Secure Socket Layer security.

Why do I need a Missouri Business identification number?

Missouri businesses must obtain identification numbers to use in their compliance with Missouri tax responsibilities. These numbers and the certificates are used to prove eligibility to make sales tax-exempted purchases allowed under state law.

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