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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for the Missouri W-3 form?

Section 143.591, RSMo, requires employers with 250 or more employees to submit the Form MO W-3 and accompanying Form W-2's electronically; The file must follow the Social Security Administration's EFW2 format along with Missouri modifications as outlined in the Missouri Employer Reporting of W-2's Instructions and Specifications.

When are W-2 forms due in Missouri?

The Transmittal of Tax Statements (Form MO W-3), copies of all Forms W-2(s) and 1099-R(s) (Copy1), the compact disc, or flash drive is due on or before February 28, after all of your withholding tax returns have been filed. The due date for employers with 250 or more employees to file copies of all Form W-2(s) is January 31.

What if my Form W-2 (s) or form Mo W-3 is incorrect?

If after you have filed your Form W-2(s) and Form MO W-3, you discover an error and need to file a Form W-2C(s), you should attach a copy of the Form W-2C(s) to Form MO W-3 and check the box indicated for submitting.

How do I file a third party tax return in Missouri?

Enter the third-party payer name and I.D. number in spaces provided. Send all paper Form W-2(s) and 1099-R(s) if the number of forms is less than 250, the compact disc, flash drive with paper Form MO W-3 to the Missouri Department of Revenue. Information should be labeled with the name and account number of the employer.

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