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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for the Missouri DMV?

DMV in Missouri Contact Customer Service Phone Number. Phone Number of DMV in Missouri Contact is +1 (573) 751-4600 / (660) 665-0292 . DMV in Missouri is also known as Department of Motor Vehicle in the United States. The department is responsible for vehicle registration and driving license.

Is front license plate required in Missouri?

Most vehicles are required to display MO license plates form the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR). Some vehicles must have a tag both on the front AND the rear. Others will only need a rear license plate. The MO DOR will issue the correct number of tags for your vehicle.

What are the requirements for driving license in Missouri?

Missouri Driver License Requirements at-a-glance: *In the state of Missouri, an individual must be 15 years of age to get a permit. *A learner’s permit holding period is 182 days. *In order to get a license, an individual must have 40 supervised driving hours, including 10 at night.

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